Experiences on Exchange

Want to know about other students’ time in the U.S.? Check these out!

Ekin Bingol (2015-2016 Turkey)

Watch her video to see what she’s been up to.
Click here to watch the video

Daniela Corredor (2013-2014 Colombia)

Our very own Dani was asked to speak at our 2014 District Conference.
Click here to read her speech.

Inbound Students – Rosters

2012-2013 Inbound Orientation with District Governor Laura Day

Getting to Know Your Host Family

Establishing trust and understanding with your host family, from the beginning of your relationship, is a key pillar to a successful exchange. To support students, our First Night Questions and Second Day Questions have been updated! 

You can find these questions on the NAYEN Google Drive:

Quarterly Reports