District/Local Service Programs

Feature Community Service Projects:

Highlight club community service projects that are requesting expertise, financial, volunteer or other collaborative support to achieve their goals.

Rotary’s Area of Focus Guide:

Provides an introduction to Rotary’s six areas of focus with examples of service projects for each.

Rotary Service in Action

A bi-monthly Newsletter with Blog that highlights service activities and keeps youupdated about the latest resources, best practices, partnership information, and project stories from the field.

Develop Effective Projects

Using Rotary’s online tools for planning, implementing, evaluating, and promoting service initiatives.

Rotary Learning Center

Have you created an account on MY ROTARY? Go to, and learn more about resources, announcements, training, and much more.

Young Leaders in Action newsletter

Bi-monthly Newsletter with news about Rotary’s youth young adult programs.

Rotary Partners

Rotary Community Corps (RCCs)

RCC’s are club-sponsored organizations of community members who regularly work with Rotary Clubs on local service activities.

Rotary Action Groups (RAC’s)

These groups offer technical expertise to support clubs and district-led humanitarian projects.

Tell us About Your Clubs Projects

Tell us about your inspirational club led community service project. Let us showcase and share the project with other clubs.
Please complete the enclosed form and return. If you have photographs, please attach to the file.

Project Funding and Financial Resources

Funding your project can come from many sources, including, Special events such as walkathons, Online crowdsourcing platforms, Individual donors, Corporations or local businesses, other Foundations, Nonprofit or non-governmental organizations, non- Rotary grants, Government Agencies, or other clubs and districts. Explore your project funding options and find tips on holding a successful fundraiser.

The Rotary Foundation supports projects across all our areas of focus. We offer clubs and districts several kinds of funding opportunities:

District grants fund small-scale, short-term activities that address community needs.

Global grants support large international service activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes.

Disaster response grants support communities that have been affected by a natural disaster.

Programs of Scale awards support longer-term, high-impact programs that are led by Rotary members and have already demonstrated their success on a smaller scale.

Learn more about Rotary grants, including what kinds of projects are eligible and how to apply. Work with your district Rotary Foundation committee to discover what funding may be available in your district.

Insurance and Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Consider liability insurance for your club project and events.

To access insurance information online, such as certificates of insurance, policy summaries, and incident/claim forms, please visit Gallagher Insight website:

All U.S. Rotarians will need to use the below credentials

Username: Find Username on DACdb HOME page

Password: Find Password on DACdb HOME page

U.S. Rotarians can also contact Gallagher by:


phone: 1.833.3ROTARY (1.833.376.8279)

Finding Volunteers to support your Hands on Project

Do you have a project and need people support to achieve your goal? If partnering with other Rotary clubs or community service groups is insufficient in meeting your needs, consider the following organizations and recruit volunteers to assist with your project(s):

Just Serve – Read More

Rotary Community Core (RCC) – Read More

Americorps – Read More

National Charity League – Read More


Tech advice


Hands on assistance