Host Families

Rotary Youth Exchange would not be possible without Host Families – people who open their homes to a student for several months (host) and provide personal support to the student (family).

These relationships often transcend the time students and families live together and may even create a lifetime bond!

Host Families typically include a Rotarian from the sponsoring Club, but Rotary membership is not a prerequisite. Nor must Host Families have children in the home. We seek people who are willing and able to welcome a student and help that student experience life here.

Rotary Youth Exchange does not “assign” a student to a Host Family for the full year. Rather, the sponsoring Club finds multiple families – at least two, preferably three – to give the student a broader understanding of differences.

In effect, the Club is the true host for the student/s it sponsors. The YEO and Counselor [link to that page] offer support, encouragement, even the periodic ride. Members invite students to join their families for dinner, activities and excursions.

Host Families have help!

If you would like to explore the rewarding experience of becoming a Host Family, please check the drag-down menu to connect with your local Club. Please click here to connect.

If you have questions about how the District supports Host Families and Clubs, please contact our District Chair.