Reporting a Serious Incident

We all know that we must immediately report any serious incident with our exchange students as soon as possible. But what constitutes a serious incident? Who does the reporting? And to whom?

The US Department of State has issued “specific guidance” on when they want an Incident Report about our exchange students. They want to know about anything impacting the health, safety and welfare of the exchange student, and the impact to the surrounding community, within 24 hours in serious situations, and no later than 72 hours.

RI’s Youth Protection Page provides lots of information.
SSSP Reporting Rubric
New as of June 2021: Online Reporting

The details are in the links above, but let me try to make it simple.

What to report?
Any serious incident, allegation or condition affecting a student. In short, anything that might cause anyone to call the US Department of State about a student.

When to report?
As soon as it is safely possible. They want to hear from us FIRST, not in a phone call from a natural parent, another embassy, a member of Congress, the press, etc.

Who reports?
WESSEX holds the actual Dept. of State permit to issue visas, so it is the WESSEX Responsible Officer, Michael Cloutier, who does the reporting.

How to report?
Anyone on your District Team should call or email Michael Cloutier as soon as you have an “incident” with a student, and with as much information as possible.

Because all of us want to protect our students and our exchange program, and get as much help as we can in solving any of these problems.