Frequent Questions…

1. What is the Indoor Ride to End Polio? The Indoor Ride is a ready-made polio fundraising event open to every Rotary Club and Rotarian in the world. The Indoor Ride is a complement to the Ride to End Polio, a bicycling fundraiser held each November in Tucson, Arizona, USA, in conjunction with El Tour de Tucson, one of the largest perimeter bicycling events in the US. El Tour, organized by Perimeter Bicycling Association of America, annually attracts more than 8,000 cyclists.

The Indoor Ride allows riders across the country and around the world to participate without coming to Tucson by riding stationary bikes at home or in a gym, collecting donations for each minute of the ride.

2. How can my club participate? Form a team in your club. There is no maximum or minimum number of cyclists. Team members collect pledges and donations for each minute they commit to ride, and then hop on stationary bikes for the self-selected length of time at the local gym or at home any time during the period Nov 6-22.

3. How can my club register? Use the attached registration form.

4. How does this event raise funds to support Rotary’s top priority, the eradication of polio? Each rider solicits donations to PolioPlus in support of the ride (for example, some riders may ask $1 per minute). All funds raised and turned in are matched 2 to 1 by the Gates Foundation in support of Rotary’s efforts to eradicate polio from the face of the earth. 5. How are contributions made? D5610 recommends that all contributions be made through your club’s Foundation Chair. Checks and cash (collected by riders or teams) are acceptable.

6. How are the contributions tracked? Contributions made on-line or mailed by the club’s Foundation Chair. Each rider is requested to track contributions made by cash or check and to ensure that such contributions go to the Rotary Foundation PolioPlus fund. Indoor team leaders are encouraged to track team totals and to report totals to D5610.

7. How long must a participant ride? Indoor riders can ride choose any number of minutes consistent with their level of fitness.

8. Must the indoor ride be completed at one time? Yes. Each rider must complete the indoor ride in one “sitting” any time during the period Nov 6-22. It is not necessary for all riders on a club team to ride together.

9. Where is the Indoor ride conducted? Indoor riders can ride a stationary bike anywhere (for example, at home or a local gym).

10. Who can ride for Rotary? Anyone can be a member of the End Polio Now Team. Your club can include Rotarians, family members (parents, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) and friends, Rotaractors and Interactors.

11. What support is provided by D5610? We will provide a fundraising packet to each team leader (and to each individiual indoor rider not on a team). The packet provides strategies for success, procedures for setting up and collecting funds, sample fundraising letter, and much more.

12. What recognition is provided? The top individual fundraiser and club team will be recognized at the District Conference in May. Determination of the top fundraising club and individual is based on reporting by the team captain to D5610, not on the on-line totals.

13. Is special cycling clothing available for riders? Yes. Riders can order End Polio Now jerseys and shorts at

14. I’m not into cycling jerseys…What else can I wear? Russell Hampton has End Polio Now shirts available, as well as other End Polio items. Please visit

15. What fundraising successes have been achieved? Since The Ride to End Polio started in 2009, US$53,500,000 has been raised with the Gates Match.

16. Will funds raised qualify for the Gates Foundation match? Yes. The Gates Foundation provides a 2-1 match for all funds donated by Rotarians to PolioPlus (up to $35 million).

17. If I need more information? Contract the District PolioPlus Ride Chair, AG Mike Crosby. You may email him at or call him at (562) 427-1098