Social Media is an excellent way to facilitate two-way communication between a club and the public with an overarching goal of relationship building. To engage your audience, you should ask questions, answer questions, personalize replies, provide instructing information when problem solving is necessary, and share relevant photos and videos.

Social media is an important public relations tool because:

  • It is one of the first places the public goes for information
  • The media and public follow and read updates
  • Information can be updated easily and quickly
  • Organizations can use this to create an image for their brand
  • This platform encourages two-way communication
  • This platform reaches a wide range of age groups

Social Media Toolkit

Several tools to help you learn about Social Media and promote your Club.
Photo/Video Editing Tools
Presentation and Information from the September 2018 Learning & Leadership Social Media and Videos Seminar

Facebook Basics

Telling Stories through Social Media