The Josh Genser Culinary Center

Area of Focus: Basic Education & Literacy, Economic & Community Development

Lead Club Name: Richmond

Lead Rotarian: Drapkin, Darlene Rios

Year: 2022-23

Project Budget: $16,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $0

In memory of our late Richmond Rotarian Josh Genser, Richmond Rotary would like to support a a new Culinary Center, being built in his memory, at Richmond Police Activities League (RPAL), located in Richmond CA. This project will create and build a unique Culinary Program that is educational, inspirational and fun. It will offer a wide range of diverse and engaging curriculum, providing community youth a platform that will empower them with knowledge and life skills. The Center will include programming that showcases topics in the world of food and ecology. With a commitment to youth, creating this fully integrated destination program, fulfills multiple needs in the community. Richmond is a food desert, kids do not have many options for access to learn about food, nutrition and related health education to cultivate their skills. The Club provides youth from around West Contra Costa County with an awareness of the opportunities in the world of food, at large. Richmond Rotary is committed to funding key kitchen equipment such as a stove(s), and/or oven(s). RPAL has committed to including a Rotary emblem noting the Club’s donation.

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