School Safety Cameras

Area of Focus: Basic Education & Literacy

Lead Club Name: Moraga

Lead Rotarian: South, Brian

Year: 2020-21

Project Budget: $52,735.07

DDF Grant Amount: $0

The Moraga School District has four schools and none of them have surveillance cameras. Cameras are an important safety tool, and this project would provide funding for installation of cameras at all schools in the School District to increase school safety. The necessity for cameras to increase safety is supported by expert opinion and local law enforcement recommendations. The School District is facing significant budget challenges and cannot fund safety upgrades such as cameras. Moraga Rotary conducted a fundraising event that raised approximately $38,000 specifically for cameras and the District Grant we are seeking would add an additional $15,000. After a bid process, the School District chose a vendor for installation of cameras at all four schools with an ultimate quote of just under $53,000. We are currently planning the project in two phases with the intermediate school being completed with existing funds. The second phase that involves the grant process will utilize the remainder of the existing funds along with the District Grant funds for installation of cameras at the remaining three schools. The District Grant is important to ensure camera coverage at all schools, which increases the safety and security of the children.

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