Rotary Centennial Park Playground Structure

Area of Focus: Community Facilities for Children

Lead Club Name: Chico Sunrise

Lead Rotarian: Ochsner, Carl R.

Year: 2020-21

Project Budget: $18,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $7,000.00

The Rotary Club of Chico Sunrise proposes to fund, and assist with installation of, a substantial, large, and durable piece of playground equipment. Funds from this grant will allow purchase of a sophisticated and safe Climbing Spinner, designed for younger children, as well as approved ground cover and incidentals needed to make the equipment usable. This large piece of equipment is intended to encourage children to derive the benefits of outdoor exercise while building leg and upper body strength in a safe manner. This equipment, produced by KLD Ropes, Inc., was one of just two bids received (the other was from Dynamo, Inc.) by the design group that abided by California’s ASTM guidelines for safety and durability. It was selected by the contracted landscape architect because the other proposal was $7,000 higher. ASTM includes many requirements for safety, fall heights, and safety zones. This product meets all of those requirements. The performance of the selected installation contractor (not yet bid; will be in August) will be subject to an independent, certified safety inspection after installation. It is the contractor’s responsibility to install the piece to specifications, and CARD’s responsibility to oversee long-term maintenance. These elements will be stipulated in written agreements that also certify CARD’s responsibility for insurance while exempting Rotary from any liability. A five-acre lot in the northeast side of Chico has been set aside for three decades as the site for a neighborhood park. With the recent Camp Fire causing 20,000 new residents to flood in to Chico, and with hundreds of new homes, condominiums, and apartments now being constructed on this end of town, it is doubly important that this park be created and completed. The Chico Area Recreation and Park District (CARD), with support and encouragement from both local Rotary clubs, has secured some of the funds needed and has developed plans to create this park in 2020-21. Because of the ongoing commitment of both Noon Rotary and Sunrise Rotary clubs, the City of Chico and CARD have agreed that it shall be called Rotary Centennial Park, in honor of 100 years of Rotary in Butte County. All installation will be done professionally and will be the responsibility of CARD. However, the general light landscaping and placement of ground cover will be done by teams of Rotarians and local neighbors.

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