Project Literacy

Area of Focus: Literacy and promoting the concept of Service above Self

Lead Club Name: Delta (Antioch)

Lead Rotarian: McNell, Thomas Richard

Year: 2020-21

Project Budget: $15,450.00

DDF Grant Amount: $7,000.00

To purchase and distribute 750 books “Excited to Serve” by Benecia Club President Elect Andre Lewis to local schoolchildren to promote literacy and to encourage local youth to join service organizations. Service organizations across the nation are experiencing declining membership. Our hope as a club is to instill the concept of Service above Self into our local youth and help them develop as future leaders. We believe this project will help us establish and fortify membership in Interact Clubs. Furthermore, we believe this project will highlight the work we do in the community and benefit Rotary by promoting membership by both the parents of the youth we serve and in the youth themselves as they become positive change agents in our community.

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