End Slavery Now

Area of Focus: Basic Education & Literacy, Human Trafficking

Lead Club Name: Brentwood

Lead Rotarian: Knight, Colleen M.

Year: 2021-22

Project Budget: $12,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $6,975.00

The plan of this project is to provide equipment, resources and training to allow Pillars of Hope to educate the community in the greater East Contra Costa County area on human trafficking. Ultimately, the goal is to prevent human trafficking by identifying the vulnerable in our community. With these resources, the hope is that Pillars of Hope will be able to reach more people who can prevent and stop this crime. While the horror stories all focus on kids being lured or abducted, there are far more threats that are less severe. No matter your age or sex, it is important to follow important rules for social media safety. The training we will share will no doubt exemplify how important these safety measures can be. We will share with parents, students and professionals these guidelines that can help protect our youth! It’s not about telling teens what they can and can’t do… it’s about offering guidelines to protect them from being ripped off, bullied, disrespected, scammed, or worse while they’re just trying to have a good time online and in their home community.

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