Woodland Little League Infrastructure Upgrade 2023

Area of Focus: Supporting youth in athletics

Lead Club Name: Woodland

Lead Rotarian: Dwyer, Brian

Year: 2023-24

Project Budget: $24,760.00

DDF Grant Amount: $15,000.00

Woodland Little League (WLL) has been chartered since 1954. The infrastructure at Camarena Field (primary playing field) is dilapidated, not to code and has become a safety risk to both players and spectators. WLL goal is to replace the backstop at Camarena Field as well as the fencing along the perimeter of the field. The backstop has portions that were damaged during the winter storms of 2023. The current estimate received is for the backstop portion only. It no longer meets local code regulations. The fencing along the perimeter of the field has large gaps throughout the park which poses a risk to both players and spectators. Replacing the existing fencing infrastructure will resolve the current safety issues that exist at Camarena field. The City of Woodland has committed to $100,000 to the project with a projected cost of $137,500. WLL has raised additional funds on its own.

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