Trinity Bike Park in Lowden Park – PhI Buildout

Area of Focus: Community Development, Maternal & Child Health

Lead Club Name: Weaverville Rotary

Lead Rotarian: Frost, Patrick M.

Year: 2020-21

Project Budget: $10,200.00

DDF Grant Amount: $2,500.00

The Trinity Bike Park is based on a local partnership led by the Trinity Trail Alliance. It is designed to provide a healthy recreational facility that encourages outdoor activity while also promoting the development of physical and social skills and a sense of community for youth in the greater Weaverville Area. Phase I is 95% complete — the pump track, skill-building features, pathways, fencing and kiosk have been installed and are in use. Weaverville is a biking destination with over 40 miles of single-track mountain-biking trails. The bike park adds another feature to attract cyclists to the community and to serve as a driver of the local economy. The final 5% of Phase I is to install landscaping, a shade structure and benches. This grant proposal is to build/install the shade structure and benches. The cost for this work is $10,200. The Trinity Trail Alliance has secured $5,000 in cash and an Eagle Scout candidate is contributing $1,200 for the construction of the 3 benches as match. The Rotary Club of Weaverville seeks $4,000 in grant funding to match the Alliance’s contributions. Weaverville Rotary club members will also provide in-kind “sweat equity” to help install the shade structure and benches. Rotary will be recognized on the Kiosk & Shade Structure as project partners.

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