Sound and Projection System for New Washburn Bue Community Park Amphitheater

Area of Focus: Community Revitalization Project

Lead Club Name: Burney-Fall River

Lead Rotarian: Zevely, David

Year: 2023-24

Project Budget: $10,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $5,000.00

Purchase Sound and Projection system for an amphitheater at a centrally located community park. The Burney Water District is applying for grant funding to construct the Washburn-Bue Park Community Revitalization Project (Park). The grant funding is being applied through the Clean California Local Grant Program (lead funding agency is California Department of Transportation). The Park grant is for approximately Three (3) million dollars. The purchase of the sound and projection system is contingent upon the District being awarded the funding for the Park through the Clean California Local Grant Program.

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