Rotary Centennial Park Slide and Seating

Area of Focus: Promoting safe outdoor recreation for children and families

Lead Club Name: Chico Sunrise

Lead Rotarian: Morrison, Brent

Year: 2020-21

Project Budget: $15,080.50

DDF Grant Amount: $7,000.00

The Chico Noon Rotary Club requests funds to assist with the purchase of a safe outdoor slide and a bench for the children’s playground area of the newly established Rotary Centennial Park in Chico, California. This equipment will encourage the benefits of outdoor exercise and play. Five acres have been set aside in the growing northeast side of Chico for a neighborhood park for about the last three decades. Approval to proceed has been problematic and a low priority, however the need became more pressing and community support grew significantly after the November 2018 Camp Fire. This tragic loss of homes, schools, and jobs led 20,000 new residents to flood to Chico, with hundreds of new homes, condominiums, and apartments now being constructed and planned. Park facilities lag behind. The park was formally approved by Chico Area Recreation & Park District (CARD) in November 2019, which also agreed to name it “Rotary Centennial Park” in honor of Rotary’s 100th anniversary in Chico and the Club’s commitment to helping in its development. That action was followed in February 2020 by the Chico City Council’s approval of an order allocating neighborhood park development impact fees for the development of the park. CARD will assume all maintenance and liability responsibilities for the Park, which comes under their full jurisdiction. The slide and bench will be a great step toward developing the much needed children’s playground area. All installation will be done professionally. However, the general light landscaping and placement of ground cover will be done by teams of Rotarians and local neighbors – who are highly supportive.

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