Project Stay In Your Home

Area of Focus: Maternal & Child Health

Lead Club Name: Redding East

Lead Rotarian: Haynes, Jennifer

Year: 2019-20

Project Budget: $50,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $15,000.00

Project Stay in Your Home 2019/2020 is to keep 50 individuals and families from becoming homeless by keeping them in their home through funding and education. This homeless prevention program is aimed at families with children, single-parent families and seniors. This program provides rental/mortgage assistance and household budget training. In 2018, 31 families (33 children), were helped with this program. Through this program, valuable relationships between renters, landlords and management companies are created. California reached this crisis point over the course of several decades by not building enough housing that people could afford and not creating enough shelter for people who became homeless. Supporting local efforts to manage our homeless crisis will take sustained investment and time. Time many families do not have. through education, commitment and small amounts of money we are taking a stand to help our community out of difficult problems BEFORE they become homeless.

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