Mercy Mt. Shasta Emergency Dept. Expansion

Area of Focus: Health & Wellness, Safe Prosperous & Vibrant Communities

Lead Club Name: Mt. Shasta

Lead Rotarian: Johnson, Alisa

Year: 2019-20

Project Budget: $17,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $8,500.00

The Emergency Department Expansion and Renovation at MMCMS is a multiyear capital project that will result in better patient care, safety, and privacy. It will double the square footage, renovate and remodel the existing space, and upgrade equipment that is critical to our trauma center. The hospital is one of the largest employers in Siskiyou County and plays a major role in the social and economic vitality of the community. The hospital provides vital health care services to thousands of people every year; however, the importance of the hospital extends beyond its walls. Mercy Mt. Shasta partners with other organizations, including Rotary, to make our community a better place to live and work. Partnership programs include a healthy snack program for school-age children, a cooking elective at a local junior high school, and supporting healthy events that draw thousands of people into our community such as the 4th of July, Castle Crags Century bike ride, and Climb Against the Odds. Mercy Mt. Shasta is a key player economically and continues to be a strong partner in ensuring that the community thrives. The costs to expand the emergency department are considerable – approximately $8 million – and will provide tremendous benefits for our community and those visiting our community. This application is specifically for a piece of ED equipment called a rapid infuser, which is used for blood transfusions in trauma and massive bleeding cases.

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