Children’s Pediatric Dental Clinic

Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment

Lead Club Name: Berkeley

Lead Rotarian: Graff, Grier

Year: 2022-23

Project Budget: $23,500.00

DDF Grant Amount: $14,500.00

Berkeley Rotary is partnership with YMCA of the East Bay (Y-EB) in establishing a Pediatric Dental Clinic at E.M. Downer YMCA Early Learning Center. Berkeley is organizing a hands-on piece in developing the clinic and securing the equipment. The Y-EB is providing the space and will administer the operation with a dental provider. The role of volunteer dentists is being explored. There are number of dentists in the BARSHEEP clubs, and the Rotarian dentists may be involved in providing dental services. The E.M. Downer YMCA Early Learning Center is located in the heart of Richmond. A survey of needed health care services found that dental problems are the number one reason kids miss school. And we have a real problem in America where only those with money and/or great insurance can afford care.

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