Trinity Center Mobility Van

Area of Focus: Human Services -Support for Homeless

Lead Club Name: Diablo View Rotary of Walnut Creek

Lead Rotarian: Ceizler, Dawn

Year: 2022-23

Project Budget: $33,500.00

DDF Grant Amount: $14,000.00

The whole world is emerging from long months of sheltering in place. Trinity Center members (homeless population) will be in competition with many, many people much better equipped to re launch their lives. The race to line up at the DMV, Social Security, public records offices, doctor and dental offices, law offices, schools, etc., etc., will be a race that our members are ill equipped to run. Will these places be accessible to our members? Re-connecting with family and loved ones is on everyone’s priority list, and widely recognized as one of the most healing activities any of us can do. Will our members have the capacity to make those connections? Will the places our members need to go be accessible? How will they access transportation? Will our members be able to move beyond essential travel because they need to go and gain the privilege of traveling to places they simply want to go? For all of us, healthy reintegration, and a wholistic emergence from the long shut down, includes going places so long denied to us. For many Trinity Center members, transportation ranges from inconvenient, to unaffordable, to inaccessible or non-existent. Walnut Creek and Contra Costa County is not walkable when seeking essential services. The DMV in Walnut Creek is currently closed and may not reopen. Additionally, there is no accommodation in the state’s master transportation plan for no- or low-cost transportation. We are seeking funds to purchase a mobility van to transport our members to medical appointments, benefit locations, vocational opportunities, and social gatherings.

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