Officer Natalie Corona Memorial Picnic Area

Area of Focus: Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Lead Club Name: Davis Sunrise

Lead Rotarian: Copp, David

Year: 2023-24

Project Budget: $28,250.00

DDF Grant Amount: $15,000.00

Officer Natalie Corona was 22 years old, and a promising new recruit to the Davis Police Force, when she was murdered in an ambush in central Davis on January 10, 2019. This was a tragedy and a terrible loss for Natalie and her family, and it shocked the community. She was an ideal peace officer, with a warm heart, a contagious smile, a sense of humor, and a positive attitude. She was dedicated to service and had a passion for police work. She epitomized “Service Above Self.” As a way of honoring Natalie and her generous service to others, the City of Davis is going to renovate Central Park and to dedicate the major part of the renovation as “Natalie’s Corner.” Among other things, there will be a spectacular new interactive splash pad for children, a substantial children’s play area, and a new picnic area for families. The city has secured a state grant for community revitalization that it will use to create Natalie’s Corner along with funds raised in the community. Davis Sunrise Rotary wants to help secure Natalie’s memory in the community and to encourage young people, especially young women, to consider police work, and to view police as they should be, as peace officers — by supporting the creation of Natalie’s Corner as a memorial to Natalie’s service. The city has given us the opportunity to furnish the new community picnic area and to brand this part of Natalie’s corner as a Rotary project. The two other Davis Rotary clubs will join us in furnishing the picnic area. This will be a significant hands-on project that will involve many Rotarians. The furnishings for the picnic area include seven picnic tables and benches, including one ADA qualified table. In addition to the funds we hope to raise through the District Grant, club funds will be designated for the project along with funds we have raised in a Touch-a-Truck fundraiser. As described in the attached proposal, “Rotary Proposal for Picnic Area,” we will seek bids for the tables, contract with the selected provider, take delivery, and supervise the installation of the tables. A suitable plaque will honor Rotary’s contribution to the picnic area and to Natalie’s Corner.

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