Downtown Weaverville Bike Rack Project – Phase 1

Area of Focus: Economic & Community Development, Promotion of Rotary in Community

Lead Club Name: Weaverville Rotary

Lead Rotarian: Frost, Patrick M.

Year: 2021-22

Project Budget: $5,838.48

DDF Grant Amount: $2,180.00

The Rotary Club of Weaverville is pleased to provide the following additional information for our grant application in response to the Review Committee Feedback 1. Once installed, who will maintain the bike racks? The Rotary Club of Weaverville will maintain the bike racks. We already are maintaining trash barrels on Main Street. 2. Will Patrick Frost be Club President in both 2021-22 and 22-23? Is this why he signs the MOU twice? Yes. Patrick Frost signed as Club President and President-elect, because he is president in the 2021-22 year and will be president for the 2022-23 year. ********* The Weaverville Rotary Club has a long-standing program to support the historic downtown of Weaverville. We have sponsored trash barrels for over 30 years and this year are partnering with other locals to put an emphasis on enhancing the bike-ability of the downtown with bike racks. This is a high priority in the community, as the County just adopted its “Active Transportation Management Plan” that encourages, walking and cycling as healthy alternatives to motor vehicles — healthy for people and the environment. Currently there are no bike racks in downtown. This project is a collaboration of many. A local foundation, the Trinity River Community Partners, initiated a bike rack project in 2019-20. They reached out to the Trinity County Arts Council and Trinity High School, as follows: [1] The Arts Council held a competition for high school art students to design bike racks to be specific to Weaverville and its historic downtown. [2] The winning design was then presented to the Weaverville Historic Downtown Architectural Review Committee for approval (a local requirement for new infrastructure in the historic district on the national register of historic places). [3] The Architectural Review Committee approved the designs & color (black) [4] Trinity High School Vocational education Students fabricated the prototype bake racks (a pair) The project then lost momentum, due to COVID and a change in faculty at the High School. The Weaverville Rotary Club’s membership voted this to be our local service project for 2021-22. We have re-engaged the partnership, securing support from the Trinity River Community Partners, the Trinity County Arts Council, the Trinity Trail Alliance (the local cycling non-profit), the Weaverville Chamber of Commerce and individually some of the chamber’s member businesses. The club has gotten quotes from local metal fabricators with a cost of $1500 for a pair of bike racks. The club and partners will raise funds to match the Rotary Grant and will provide all of the labor for installation of 4 pairs (including the prototype pair) at strategic locations consistent with the County’s Active Transportation Plan . We identify this as a project in the Environment Area of Focus. It also supports growing local economies.

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