Antioch Little League Fields Renovation

Area of Focus: Sustainable Safe Playing Fields for Youth

Lead Club Name: Davis Sunset, Delta (Antioch)

Lead Rotarian: Turnage, Ken

Year: 2019-20

Project Budget: $15,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $10,000.00

Antioch Little League has been a valued asset of the community providing for the youth since 1957. The fields are in need of repair. The repairs are to be directed at the sustainable safety and quality of play for the youth in the community. Repairs are for the: field fencing, backstops, dugouts, bleacher seating repairs, score boards and common areas between the fields. For over 60 years Antioch Little League has been a cornerstone for our community providing life lessons in team work, dedication and self pride for thousands of children and thousands more to come over the years. It is our plan and desire as Rotarians to help continue this through our “Rotarians at Work” mentality. We will be reconstructing the dugouts and backstops with new wood material, which over 60 years has taken its toll. The fencing on the fields will be replaced in multiple areas and re-stretched in the areas that have been previously replaced. The score boards will be updated as well with new electrical components and: replacement of bulbs with LED lighting. The common areas will be leveled out with new gravel and markings and signs to show ADA pathways and removal of trip hazards and obstructions. It is in our opinion that this grant will meet what is desired by being a sustainable project, that improves and helps our community for many years to come.

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