AED’s For Key Paradise Facilities

Area of Focus: Community Health

Lead Club Name: Paradise

Lead Rotarian: Thomson, Donn A.

Year: 2022-23

Project Budget: $7,280.00

DDF Grant Amount: $3,160.00

Multiple Non-Profit Organizations in Paradise, CA lack Automatic External Defibrillators(AEDs) in their public meeting spaces. This Grant is intended to correct that. All the organizations serve the public, including Rotary, by maintaining spaces for large gatherings of people. The gatherings include public meetings, entertainment, education, fund raising, and public welfare events. Publicly accessible AEDs save lives following the occurrence of cardiac arrest prior to the arrival of first responders. With this DDF Grant the Rotary Club of Paradise plans to purchase and install 4 each Zoll 3 Automatic External Defibrillators in the Gold Nugget Museum (2), the Paradise Veterans Memorial Hall (1), and the Paradise Performing Arts Center (1). The $3160.00 Grant will be matched and exceeded by the Paradise Rotary Club.

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