Tanita Free Dental Clinic at Peres K-8 School

Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment

Lead Club Name: Richmond

Lead Rotarian: Dr Josh Rosales

Year: 2024-25

Project Budget: $50,000

DDF Grant Amount:

Dr. Josh Rosales (Clinic Director), Dr. Brian Hathcoat and Dr. Stephen Schwarcz volunteer their services at The Tanita Peres Clinic . They provide cleaning, fillings and emergency dental care. Dr Rosales also attends various school events like Movie 🎬 Night speaking with the students’ parents about the clinic and the importance of their children’s oral 🦷health. Last year they served over 70 children.

The Clinic was started in 1998 by Dr Dan Tanita who provided preventative dental care in a remodeled janitor closet. After Dr Tanita retired Dr Rosales took over the volunteer leadership of the Clinic and continues to provide care with the assistance of other local dentists.

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