Suisun Wildlife Educational Center Restoration

Area of Focus: Economic & Community Development, Education, Environment

Lead Club Name: Cordelia

Lead Rotarian: Swanson, Tiffany

Year: 2021-22

Project Budget: $1,840.00

DDF Grant Amount: $1,000.00

The Suisun Wildlife Center has been working since a devastating fire in June 2020 to rebuild its wildlife care facilities. An equally important goal is the restoration of the outdoor wildlife display area where they welcome the public. Until the pandemic the Center was open to the public 364 days a year (closed on 4th of July). They have been forced to close to their estimated 10,000 visitors a year since March 2020. As a non-profit operating on a $50-55,000 budget per year, visitor donations are crucial to their operation. The Wildlife Center was begun in 1976 as a grass roots effort almost totally staffed by volunteers, and it remains so today, having released over 17,000 wild birds and animals back into the wild in Solano County. The Center regularly holds 12 events for the public annually. These include: Baby Animal Shower in June, the Halloween Howl in October, and the Open House in November, when they hope to welcome the public back in 2021. School, youth, and senior groups also book programsand field trips at the Center and off site for environmental education. Since 1977, they have served over 300,000 students and adults with their environmental education programs, not including visitors to the Wildlife Center daily. Their request is for funding and assistance from Cordelia Rotarians to restore the outdoor display area through purchasing paint and painting the low barrier fences around the wildlife display enclosures for non-releasable birds and mammals; rebuilding signs for nonreleasables; purchasing paint to restore the donated Phil Glasshoff owl sculpture, which Phil has graciously allowed them to restore, and laying pavers (which the Center already has) around the owl sculpture. The Suisun Wildlife Center has served Solano County residents and wildlife since 1977 on its minimal budget, demonstrating it ability to maintain and continue its programs. In the face of Covid and the fire, they continued to serve and rescue wildlife. With Rotarians volunteer effort, the Center will be able to work toward restoring the assets they have and continue to care for the animals while educating the public.

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