Rotary Pavilion at Woodland Regional Park Preserve

Area of Focus: Basic Education & Literacy, Economic & Community Development, Environment

Lead Club Name: Woodland

Lead Rotarian: Miller, Bradley

Year: 2022-23

Project Budget: $57,886.25

DDF Grant Amount: $14,000.00

This project will construct a pavilion platform in a new 160 acre Woodland Regional Park Preserve The purpose of the park is to provide a natural setting for the public and students to observe nature in a natural setting and for educational activities at primary, secondary and higher education related the environment at the park. The site overlooks a new permanent lake along the ADA compliant all-weather trail in the park. Once constructed the pavilion will be a permanent structure maintained by the City of Woodland as part of the park infrastructure. If funded by Rotary the pavilion will be named the Rotary Pavilion and would be a highly visible example of Rotary community support. The pavilion will be a wooden structure with side rails and benches for park visitors to stop and observe the nature resources on the lake, for docents and educators to use for teaching classes at the park and eventually as a teaching platform when the Regional Science Center is constructed at the park within the next five years. The park is in development and will open in Summer 2022. Currently the lake and all-weather trail have been funded and constructed as well as the well and pump for the lake. The park is home to a number of endangered species and portions of the park are under easement as habitat for seasonal ponds that support these species. This is part of the natural setting to be used for educational purposes.

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