Linwood Recreation Trail

Area of Focus: Promoting community fitness and well being

Lead Club Name: Orland

Lead Rotarian: Pforsich, Ben

Year: 2021-22

Project Budget: $17,350.00

DDF Grant Amount: $8,720.00

Orland planned 1.5-mile looped Recreation Trail will connect the City major community park, Lely Park, with newer subdivisions of single-family and multiple-family homes, and a new neighborhood playground, Linwood Park. Orland first recreation and fitness trail, the 8 wide paved pathway meanders its way through pasture land, aligns alongside irrigation canals, and carefully bisects two residential streets. In the available unpaved space on either side of the paved trail, permanently installed fitness equipment will enhance the trails usefulness and attractiveness as the area first and only outdoor trail-type recreation and fitness amenity. Serving a town of 8500 population and its immediately surrounding Glenn County neighbors of 8000 more people, this recreation trail will connect neighborhoods and parks as it welcomes pedestrians and bicyclists to enjoy more outdoor exercise. This grant will provide funds to construct fitness stations as part of the fitness trail at Linwood Subdivision.

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