Flags in Paradise

Area of Focus: Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Lead Club Name: Paradise

Lead Rotarian: Gray, Brian

Year: 2019-20

Project Budget: $11,500.00

DDF Grant Amount: $6,500.00

For years, Paradise has put up Flags along the main street of Paradise, Skyway. We put up flags for Memorial Day, July 4, Veterans Day. Before the fire, we had 1100 flags, all sponsored and each flag was dedicated. We just completed Memorial Day flags, and had 150 this time around. Not knowing how many groups will be able to once again adopt a section of road to put up, and take down, thee flags, we are starting small and hope to grow it back in the years to come. The storage building (Elks Lodge) also burned, so the project also entails a container to be used as FLAG STORAGE on the Elks Lodge property – they have agreed to do this at no cost, if the container is purchased. The project is to buy, dedicate (the list of dedications was saved from the fire, or at least most of them) with embroidered (also donated) names – then assemble on the appropriate PVC polls. And to purchase the container.

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