Complete renovation of kitchen at Boys and Girls Club of Contra Costa

Area of Focus: Basic Education & Literacy, Disease Prevention and Treatment, Food Insecurity

Lead Club Name: Martinez

Lead Rotarian: Kennedy, Janet H.

Year: 2021-22

Project Budget: $14,000.00

DDF Grant Amount: $7,845.00

**Please note the project has been revised from original request. Door replacements must be completed prior to the center reopening in August to their members for security and ADA accessibility. So completion of project does not align with grant approval schedule. The new project is the completion of the kitchen renovation, which can take place while the center is operating without interfering with programing or the kids. Detailed information on the kitchen completion is included with the application. The Boys and Girls Club of Contra Costa serves hundreds of students throughout Contra Costa County each day. Previous to Covid, the programs were in person at the Martinez Clubhouse and schools in the County. With the shutdown, the club had to shift to on line programs and delivering projects, meals and supplies to the club members and their families throughout the County. The shut down has created an opportunity to do some much needed improvements to the site. The gym has been completely renovated. The revised project includes the completion of the kitchen renovation. The project includes commercial stove purchase and installation, and the installation of counters and shelving. This will allow for the preparation of snacks and meals for the club members as well as the community organizations that use the facility. The primary use for the facility is for the youth served by the Boys and Girls club. However, it is a community facility used by other organizations for meetings and fundraisers, cheerleading workshops and basketball.

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