Central Park Rotary StoryWalk

Area of Focus: Basic Education & Literacy

Lead Club Name: San Ramon

Lead Rotarian: Lay, Colette M.

Year: 2019-20

Project Budget: $8,225.80

DDF Grant Amount: $5,483.80

Installing a 20 piece StoryWalk installation in Central Park to promote literacy and park use. This project will be a collaboration with the San Ramon Library Foundation, the City of San Ramon, and the Rotary Club of San Ramon. The City will be responsible for installing the project and normal wear and tear. The Library will be responsible for regularly updating the featured books and the instructions, and the Rotary Club will fund the project. Once the installation is complete, we will plan a city-wide ribbon cutting ceremony to introduce and advertise the project to the city’s residents. Each page holder will also feature the Rotary logo, giving recognition throughout Central Park for our contribution and raising awareness of Rotary. The installation will be set on an existing path that is stroller and wheelchair accessible, making the project available to all ages. It will be a wonderful addition to Central Park, leading from the library to the children’s play area, and will encourage literacy and reader interaction with the outdoors.

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